Sunday, May 10, 2009


Feuds and rivalries have existed since the dawn of Hip hop. Back in the days, MCs would speak over beats, introducing themselves, shouting out to friends in the audience, boasting about their own skills and criticizing their rivals..
While this was often done in good humor, the deaths of Tupac and Notorious B.I.G have shown that in today’s hiphop scene, it is feared that ‘beefs’ will develop into offstage feuds that become violent.
Observers have also claimed that the media on such rivalries to make catchy headlines and blow situations out of proportion.
One good twist to beef, Hip hop heads agree, is that beefs serve as watchdogs. It makes the rivals involved to step up their game and cover up any loopholes in their representation of the art thereby providing quality music to the public.
Cats also agree beefs help sell records as so much as was seen in the Jay-Z vs Nas feud, Tupac vs B.I.G, 50 cent vs Ja Rule, East Coast vs West Coast etc.
In Nigeria, lots of beefs and feuds have been experienced though none has really turned out violent. To mention a few are such beefs as Tony Tetuila vs Eedris, Ruggedman Ehen Cleanup, Freestyle vs Eldee the Don and the ongoing Ruggedman vs Modenine beef.

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