Thursday, October 27, 2011

Burial Plans For Late MC LOPH

The Nigerian music industry cannot forget in a hurry the demise of rapper and DJ, MC LOPH.
Mc Lover Of Pure Hiphop died on his way to Eastern Nigeria on the 14th of September 2011 in a fatal auto crash.
Below is the Burial Schedule of Obinna Nwaozor aka Mc Loph.
WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 26TH-Tribute Concert at Emmaus House, Choice Hotel, Awka, Anambra State.
THURSDAY, OCTOBER 27TH- Christian Wake keep.
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 28TH-Burial at his hometown, Igwuaro,Umunze, Anambra State(that's at late Kenneth Nwaozor's compound).
Late MC Loph's record label, Morgan Entertainment has now taken over his mum's up keep.
The label has started paying Loph's mum a monthly salary of N30,000.
The retired school teacher would be benefitting from Morgan Entertainment for life.
Rest In Peace Mc Loph.
You are surely missed.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Illbliss- Anam Achi Kwanu Ft. Phyno

Dat Ibo Boi a.k.a Illbliss needs no further introduction on this site.
'Anam Achi Kwanu' is an Igbo phrase which translates to 'I No Dey Laugh' in street parlance.
With a chopped hook from Phyno and two dope verses from Illbliss, 'Anam Achi Kwanu' is sure to become an anthem in the future!
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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Alpha- Crazy + Who Be That

Upcoming Enugu, Nigeria based rapper Alpha suprises us with two hot new joints!
CRAZY contains samples of Junior Reed which tells you of its reggae inclination. A hot joint from the talented youngster i must confess!
WHO BE THAT samples a J. Cole instrumental.
Alpha rips this one in pieces dropping brilliant punchlines, metaphors and wordplays!
"You said you're hot but all your fans are down with pneumonia!"
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Mr. Magic is an up and coming Ghana-based Nigerian rapper whose real names are Randy Raphael Okologo.
Mr. Magic grew up in the city of Sapele in Delta State, Nigeria where in 2005, he started his music career in secondary school as a member of a Five man group, The NewEraz.
He moved to Ghana for better life opportunities and decided to pick up his music again.
Mr Magic has finished work on his latest single, 'Oh Lord' which he hopes to promote in Ghana.

'Oh Lord' is an
inspirational song that signifies hope for his hustle and dreams.
He explains: " 'Oh Lord' came to me all of a sudden when I
was thinking about certain things happening around me and I went to pray by the seaside. I asked God to protect, guide me and have mercy on me because there
were so many things happening in my life. I know I am going somewhere in life, so
if all these things were to discourage or hold me back from the 'Prophecy' then,Lord have Mercy!".
His previous records include 'Give Me Chance' and 'Street Hustle'.

"I am currently working on a song with Suchzi titled 'High' and I still have 8 more songs to do in my album, tagged 'THE PROPHECY'.
I plan to get
some big stars in the game on my upcoming album, so watch out for me!"
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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

5MICS-Across Oceans Ft. Kahli Abdu,X.0

'Across Oceans' is one of the biggest Hiphop joints in Nigeria right now.
Coming straight from the Lagos, Nigeria based rapper 5MICS!
5MICS was featured earlier on this site when he dropped his mixtape 'E Don Tey'.
'Across Oceans' features J. Town's lyricist Kahli Abdu; femcee Pryse; the incredible Loose Kaynon and the dangerous X.O Senavoe, making it a must have for every Hiphop head!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Enigma-Desultory EP

We're glad to bring to your door steps this magnificent album from Str8 Buttah's representer, the Invisible Enigma.
It is titled 'Desultory.
Lead singles include ALTF and Supreme Shogun.
Vocal Assistances came from MsChief, Zee, Duno and fellow crew members-XYZ, Rcube, Deck the Nexus.
Production Credits go to XYZ, Bigfoot (Micworx) and Teck Zilla.
Now you know this project is nothing less than a 5 MIC piece!

Cashino-Walk With Me Ft. Burntmd

Walk With Me is a brand new joint from Nigeria's Hiphop representer, the London based NDT hench man- Cashino!
This joint is a classic Hiphop joint,one of the best I've heard this year!
This lethal piece of music features Burntmd.
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A.Q-Ginja Ft. Baseone, Terry tha Rapman

If you are a Hiphop head in Nigeria and you dont know A-Q, where have you been bro?
This profilic emcee who dropped his smashing debut single 'Names' is back again but this time, with a battallion of fire spitting rappers. No, dragons!
This new joint is titled 'Ginja' and stars Terry tha Rapman, XO, Vector, Senavoe and
samples from Baseone's version of 'Enigma'.