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Fecko a.k.a Raplogic is a promising and upcoming Nigerian emcee. In this interview with Buchi Steve, the Lagos based rapper talks about himself, his music and the Nigerian Hiphop scene. Enjoy!

Buchi Steve: Please tell us about yourself. Who is Fecko?
My name is Ifeanyi Ibegbunam. I’m a native of Oba, Anambra state, but I grew up in Lagos. I attended Army Children School, Bright Future Primary School, Unity College (Ondo), Lagos State Model College Igbonla and STA Int’l College where I had my primary and secondary education. I’m still an Undergraduate.

Buchi Steve:I have always known you as Fecko but recently you sent an email to all your friends indicating a change of name from Fecko to Raplogic.Whats up with that?
What name do you still go by?

Well my stage name is still FECKO, and for the recs, ‘Raplogic’ is my other alias, more like ‘Fecko aka Raplogic.’

Buchi Steve:Let’s focus a little bit on the game of Hiphop...How long have you been doing Hiphop?

If memories serve me right, then I guess I’ve been a hiphop buff since 1999.

Buchi Steve:What did Hiphop mean to you when you started and what does it mean to you NOW?

Well, it started off as a hobby but now I’m a junkie to the art form. Nowadays I see hiphop as a medium of expressing myself through rhythmically applied poetry.

Buchi Steve:I can see you are workin on your album What is the title of this anticipated album gonna be?

Yep! Tentatively, the title of my album will be “The First Impression”.

Buchi Steve: Wow! That's a good one.When did you make your first record?

Uhm..I made my first record in 2005 which was a 2 tracker demo tape. Then after, I recorded a 9 tracker album in 2006 which wasn’t released due to a snag that was caused by my record label back then.

Buchi Steve: How many tracks do you have now? In other words, how ready is your album?

Well I’m still recording, but I currently have two singles on air off my forthcoming album, which are titled Phunky Somethin and Nollywood featuring Terry tha rapman (y’all can follow this link to download ‘em http://www.zshare.net/download/571971017d2bc1a6/ )

Buchi Steve:Thanks for sharing that with us.Who and who will be the guest appearances?

I already made a record with Terry tha rapman and there would be more guest appearances on my album from acts like Pheroshuwz, Illbliss of thoroughbreds, Saucekid, Iceprince, Str8 Buttah, Psalmurai of the Kalifate, Chrest, Naycha from South Africa and so on.

Buchi Steve: Those are big names up there.Who are the producers you have and will work with?

I’ve worked with Venomous & Bigfoot of Micworx Beats, E-twinz (Boom Box), Zenious(Zeni Beats, USA) and I hope to work with more producers like Dr Frabz, Dekumzy, Pheroshuwz, Jesse Jags, Knighthouse and Kraft.

Buchi Steve: Away, from your album now,
How do you see the Nigerian Rap scene? Is it wonderful at the level it is right now?

Commercially, the Nigerian Rap scene is yet to be in its pure form. But all the same, I got to give it up to some real emcees that are holding it down. I think rap music is gradually gaining acceptance in this country, but in a pop-like manner, which might end up being a gateway to real rap in Nigeria.

Buchi Steve: Where do you see the Nigerian rap scene in the next five years?

H’m, in the next five years I guess the Nigerian rap scene would have grown bigger than it is today, considering the fact that a couple of Nigerian rap artistes are beginning to work with other International acts. That way, I think we’re expanding the frontiers of hiphop in Africa. It can only get better.

Buchi Steve: Mr. Fecko, thank you for granting this interview. I would like to encourage you on your road to success. I support your efforts and realhiphopng.blogspot.com would always get your back covered.
I would be the first to review the album when it drops.

You’re welcome. Thanks for having me on your blog. No doubt, I’ll keep y’all posted. One love!
Hiphop lives!

Y'all can hit Fecko up on myspace.com/fecko