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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


DAT IBO BOY a.k.a ILLBLISS was born in Enugu, Nigeria. He acquired a B.Sc. Hons In Political Science/International Relations from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka(UNN). There, he met an upcoming RnB star called Obiwon and they formed the group known as Coal City’s Finest (CCF). Right now, Illbliss is a member of the reknowned Hiphop group Thoroughbreds.

Ever since the single Dat Ibo Boy dropped in 2007, an album from Illbliss has been highly anticipated. This yearn came to a halt on May 16th 2009 when the album DAT IBO BOY was released.
With its beautifully designed sleeve, the album boasts of a total of 21 tracks-18 songs; an intro and an outro.
A good listen to this album puts one through a variety of beat makers ranging from Jonah the Monarch to Micworx to Frenzy to Terry G and a whole lot more. With names like these, DAT IBO BOY is dope beat wise.

1: Intro 8: Don't Dirty My Shirt 15: National Cake
2: U Go Wound 9: Currency Boys 16: Blessing
3: Dat Ibo Boy 10: Da Boss 17: Lead The Way
4: Aiye Pon Gan 11: Leader 18: Music Na My Hustle
5:Glory 12: Tobechukwu 19: Change
6: Feelin U 13: Side of Ur Mouth 20 Uwa Afufu –(Life)
7: Turn My Head 14: Limelite 21: Outro

Vocal Assistances: Terry G, Waje, Eldee tha Don, Suspekt, Durella, Ijeoma, Pype, C-Mion.

The album kick starts with U Go Wound. Here, Illbliss introduces himself and defines his persona. With lines like “…could it be the swag…could it be the fame…if I left off, you still wouldn’t make a name…”, haters and would be haters better recognize dude has got a lot of ego.
And then comes the anthem Dat Ibo Boy. Since this joint made it to the airwaves in 2007, it has become an anthem for all who trace their roots to the Ibo ethnic group of Nigeria. Dat Ibo Boy portrays the activities, upsides and the uniqueness of the Ibos, encouraging all Ibos to stand tall.
Aiye Pon Gan (Enuf Space) is a club banger. Who says rappers shouldn’t hit the club, you know’ I mean?! With a groovy beat from Terry G, Illbliss advises haters to give him some elbow room. “…the field is large enough…don’t hate cos the Ibo boy is getting it right…don’t hate cos I’m next to blow…” . Aiye pon gan!
Ill goes a lil’ soft and fluffy for the ladies in Turn My Head and Lead The Way. With hooks delivered by Waje and C-Mion respectively, the love messages were surely driven home.
With the weight of Notorious B.I.G and the swagger of Rick Ross, Da Boss and Leader express not just the swagger but the lyrical weight of the “…Number 1 Ibo Boy” .
Dude comes deep and passes strong and thoughtful messages on National Cake and Change.
Tobechukwu and Uwa Afufu serve as windows into the life and history of Tobechukwu Ejiofor a.k.a Dat Ibo Boy a.k.a Illbliss. These two tracks happen to be my favorites not just because of their beats but also for their versatility. Hardcore lyrical verses with vernacular hooks on an underground beat, what a combination!

DAT IBO BOY is a 75 minute journey into the long awaited revelation of the world of lyricism, deep messages and swag characteristic of one of Nigeria’s finest emcees, Illbliss.
Personally, I think the only downside of the album is the missing presence of the other members of the Thoroughbreds. An Obiwon/Amaka hook, Elajoe verse, even B-Elect is not on the list of producers (though Elajoe produced a track).
Illbliss’s fans and hiphop heads alike have awaited this album and I think the album finally turned out to be worth the wait.
Editor’s Rating: 4/5