Monday, October 11, 2010

Modenine Gets Emotional with Producer/Singer & Rapper Rogers!

Modenine Gets Emotional with Producer/Singer & Rapper Rogers!

It was exclusively gathered Yesterday on Producer/Singer/ Rapper Rogers's Facebook Wall Yesterday, that after Rogers gave his opinion about Rapper Modenine's New Track- "Lose U" Video on Youtube, Modenine gets emotional as commented first on the ost and called Rogers a "BIG F**king FOOL". We would say, its a little to much and least expected attitude from a Mainstream Act like modenine who has been in the game for more than 10 years. Rogers, who is currently based in Malaysia admitted been a Modenine FAN right from when he started-

Rogers quoted- " i'm a big fan of mode right from the Malcolm IX lost session era,i mean i got all his collec for God's sake,i'm one of d first to download his latest mixtape "Pay AT-10-SHUN"....when i watched the video of "lose you" i thought myself,why is he sounding like he's about to quit the underground hiphop for the other type of hiphop coz truth be told he's the only one still repping what we used to know as underground hiphop and he's pretty good at it,so i posted it right here just to get other fans's opinions,but him commenting and saying i'm a big fucking fool just threw me off,guess he just lost one big die-hard fan plus i'm recycling all his tape's that i got...real talk!!!"

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