Thursday, October 13, 2011


Mr. Magic is an up and coming Ghana-based Nigerian rapper whose real names are Randy Raphael Okologo.
Mr. Magic grew up in the city of Sapele in Delta State, Nigeria where in 2005, he started his music career in secondary school as a member of a Five man group, The NewEraz.
He moved to Ghana for better life opportunities and decided to pick up his music again.
Mr Magic has finished work on his latest single, 'Oh Lord' which he hopes to promote in Ghana.

'Oh Lord' is an
inspirational song that signifies hope for his hustle and dreams.
He explains: " 'Oh Lord' came to me all of a sudden when I
was thinking about certain things happening around me and I went to pray by the seaside. I asked God to protect, guide me and have mercy on me because there
were so many things happening in my life. I know I am going somewhere in life, so
if all these things were to discourage or hold me back from the 'Prophecy' then,Lord have Mercy!".
His previous records include 'Give Me Chance' and 'Street Hustle'.

"I am currently working on a song with Suchzi titled 'High' and I still have 8 more songs to do in my album, tagged 'THE PROPHECY'.
I plan to get
some big stars in the game on my upcoming album, so watch out for me!"
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