Saturday, January 14, 2012

Teckzilla n The Holstar-ExtraOrdinaires

"THE EXTRAORDINAIRE'S" is a collaboration album between Zambia based emcee The Holstar (Slam Dunk Records) and Canada based producer Teck-Zilla (Str8 Buttah Productions).
A 10 track album made up of gritty, soulful beats and insightful topics. A much needed departure from today's flash in a pan, pop-hook-laden rap songs we are all used to.
From the self questioning "Blackman Struggling" (Ft. Mr. Rae of Str8 Buttah); nostalgia inducing "Past Present and Future" to the rapid fire ratatat found on "Skills" Ft. Southern African MC Zubz.
'The Extraordinaires' is a prime example of hip-hop in its purest form, thought provoking and head bobbing.
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