Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Timi Kay - Tribute (Aluu4)

5th of November would actually make it a month since the ugly incidence that befell the four young men at Aluu community, who were gruesomely murdered by a bunch of heartless criminals, leaving their families, friends and colleagues with hearts full of pain and grievances.
Since then, a lot of blogs and artistes have taken advantage of this sad event in a selfish bid to promote themselves. Most of them never paid even a minute attention to these boys when they were alive.
Well, God is watching us all.
The reason why i am pouring out these irritating thoughts occupying my mind is because, i noticed that on majority of the blogs that posted the song BigL (Lloyd) & Tipsy (Ugonna) were featured on titled "Heart Of The City" didn't even recognize or give credit to the owner of the song Timi Kay or Yetty (The girl he featured on the hook).
Did they also have to die to be noticed for their talent and hard work? It isn't in anyway fair at all.
I could go on and on but I'd let you listen to his tribute yourself.
Trust me, this wasn't just another publicity stunt. These were just true words filled with pain coming out from a lad who lost his friends..Download and Listen for yourselves!!!
(Culled from phcitymusic.com)

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