Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Miss Valentine beauty pageant is an international pageant specifically designed to create an awareness on the 14th of February every year for the campaign on gender equality, fight against drug abuse, sexual abuse and other social vices plus intimidations against the younger women Generation, due to it's significance and important role in addressing the issue of genuine love, youthful excitement and entertainment.

The pageant winner will be crowned the MISS VALENTINE NIGERIA with a Grand Prize of a brand New car.
Fantastic prizes for:
Most Photogenic
Most Creative Cultural wear
Best Dinner Gown
Most Humble Contestant.
Most Hard wording Contestant

Miss Valentine Nigeria is a LOVE Festival fiesta packaged to provide a perfect platform to showcase and empower mostly the youths into productive position in rich cultural heritage and investment potentials of the vast area that make up the one big family for job creation, oneness and attraction of investors to change the lives of young women in business networking through Entertainment and cultural diversity.

The pageant/Carnival festival is expected to engender the re-creation of lost love affection & passion and to enhance the mainstreaming of the same into the dynamic flow of true love.


To evoke sizeable interest of youths to discover their talents, move them out of streets, to support their Education, Medication and interest in tourism and leverage the harnessing of the abundant cultural and tourism potential of youths, by so doing, projecting same into informed Tourism discourses, we intend to create employment and investment windows.

To entrench mutual oneness understanding among the people through celebration of the essential mechanics and dynamics that shape human co habitation and by so doing delimit rancor for generation yet to come.
Culture has the potentials of reminding a people about their oneness and homogeneity.

The love festival will also bring about an improvement in social bonding and integration among families, lovers and youths to change interpretation of our youths toward Valentine Day Celebration and utilize their God given Talents

1.To heighten the degree of social integration and bonding among the youths in Campus.
2.To empower both the youths and adults in career endeavors for self employment.
3.To create environment for communal identification & interrelationship for peace for effective social fusion.
4.To display the huge tourism potential of the area on the map of global tourism.
5.To harness the Talents of students in Universities.
6.To create an avenue for institutional growth and societal development and enhance tourism boom as an alternative source of earning for the area.
7.To activate the celebration of the peoples culture as an annual event and through which unity and community peace will be enhanced

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