Friday, February 8, 2013

Slim Burna - Claro Ft. PI PIEGO (Of Ruudboiz)

Slim Burna drops the third offering from his highly anticipated mixtape with help from Ruudboiz member Pi Piego.

The skillfully rendered song which is also aptly named, just makes 'chiefing' habits seem fun. May not be appropriate for younger audiences, due to the explicitness of its lyrical content, but it still stands out as being both attention-getting and equally a good dancefloor material.

Claro sees Slim Burna and his musical accomplice come out as straight
stoners expressing their love for the magic herb. Not only does the
backdrop possess both mainstream and street-based themes but the
unique musical chemistry between the two is remarkably evident, and
also illuminating about the subject matter.
Listen and enjoy!


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