Sunday, February 10, 2013


Not to be confused for artiste of middle-eastern origins, lollzzz. Indie is a slang term used nowadays and it simply stands for Independent.

Indie art is art produced by artistes independent of the mainstream, commercial, controlled distribution channels.

With recent stories and gossips flying around about artistes severing relationships with labels and music groups for more independent control of their material, it's clear that the indie spirit and culture is fast growing.
Let's not kid ourselves, going the indie route is not an easy trip, of course almost every one knows this, as almost every act usually starts out indie.

To be successful as an indie artiste, you need to work on the indie attitude. The indie attitude is all about having a cool conduct. Be random, be fun! BE YOURSELF, but cooler.

If you are quiet and introverted, don't just be the shy kids in the corner. Be the mysterious badass once in a while! If you're extroverted and outgoing, then just talk to other people! The best part about indie is the freedom to put out sophisticated and creative art that isn't bounded by rules.

Learning an instrument helps, especially because it helps people know you are passionate about what you want to do. You can just bring your guitar to places and strum a few chords.

The chicks or studs will be all over you I guarantee it. Being Indie is all about passion and alliance so get yourself out there, meet people who would believe in your art and help you on your way. 

Write and play quality music, after all you are not mainstream just yet anyway!
I wish you good luck!

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