Tuesday, March 5, 2013

@Akpors_9ja - ToPickBeansNoBeBeans

Twitter Comedian and fast rising musician @Akpors_9ja a.k.a 9jaChipmunk is back again with something new… but wait a second, have you ever had the experience of picking beans from the farm?

How strenuous and time taking it can be especially when you are a learner. This was the experience of @Akpors_9ja who in his new comedy skit titled "#ToPickBeansNoBeBeans" relates how he went through the ordeal.

Quite a funny title for a skit you may say. Yes, this is because the 35 seconds skit you are about to download is very funny. It's a kind of stuff you'll put on a replay, make it your caller tune and send it to friends and family to get them rolling on the floor laughing.

It's free so feel free to Download and Share.


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