Saturday, July 16, 2011

Gangsta Party-Mr. Books Ft. Maka Y,Pet

MISTAH BOOKS is an Abuja based Nigerian rapper and Hiphop music producer in his own class.
BOOKS which stands for 'Born Out Of Knowledgeable Studies' is a reflection of the high level of intellect in his lyrics.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce to you 'Gangstar Party', a hot Hiphop track that would take you back to the 90's Hiphop and make you reminisce NWA, 213 and Dr. Dre. This song was produced by Books himself!
This joint features reggae vocalist Maka Y and femcee Pet.
"We don't dance, we boogie...lean back like Fat Joe...just let the cops know when its time, the mac blow!"
It might interest you to know that Mistah Books has worked with such acts as Illbliss, Ikechukwu Killz, Uchie the African Rockstar, MTrill, Spaceman, Flavor, Baron, Kaynay Drenco and lots more.
Keep it Gangster!!!
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  1. Dr. Dre should hear this song. Believe. Nice one.