Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lanre Xpose - One Step Forward, Two Steps Back; Rick Ross Holds Nigeria Back

Lanre Xpose is a Nigerian blogger who has aired his view on the Hold Me Back video on this article. He does some analysis and proves his points to every extent possible.


"Rick Ross came down to Lagos, Nigeria for the Summer Jam festival. Bumped into the streets and asked the organisers to take him to slums (the worst part of Lagos) for a quick shoot of his single "Hold Me Back" off his new album "God Forgives, I Don't". Immediately I was like uh-oh!
This is the same slum and look-alike a section of Nigerian politics is trying to clean up, recruited graduates like me (thank you) and more to assist.
The Lagos state government is quite obvious there are slums in Lagos and efforts have been made to bring them out of it but the commuters think it is unfair to do so because there would be no place to shelter. How do they know that? Why take a mat from a man and not provide a mattress where 2 men can fit.
Back to Rick Ross: immediately "Hold Me Back" Nigeria version was released I flipped.
To me, It was like getting ready for October "Nigeria's Independence Day" in February — hustling to put my family in good clothing ahead of time just to parade on that glorious remembrance day we got our freedom from the white people — and man who knows nothing about our struggle, plan, culture and government comes to parade my family in torn unappreciated clothes just for his own benefit and self interest.
"Hold Me Back" is a song about struggle from grass to grace. When he released the American version, BET & MTV banned it. Only jupiter knows what Rick Ross and Def Jam did to lift the ban but my point is, the video is improper (lyrics) to sell entertainment. Every country no matter the race has an image to protect.
My point is "Hold Me Back" is not the type of song where Nigeria's government and history will be sold because of self interest to promote an international street struggle. Why? The song contents are vulgar "fuckin, niggas, pussy, hoe, pussy hoe". In some years we want to remember the best tribute song of Nigeria's image and the content is full of crap, not something sensible from King Sunny Ade or late Fela Kuti.
Hip-Hop in the 90′s was a genre which wasn't allowed to air on broadcast, for its violence, drug use, vulgar and now for it's nudity — I'm a Hip-Hop head, XXL certified, allow me to scold the culture — How dare you parade a country's pride on a song"pussy hoe, pussy hoe" music. Do it for your country leave others alone.
"I'm more pissed with a complete stranger using sensitive stuff like the Biafran war to try and boost his cred n stuff..nobody can jst go to south africa n try to use Mandela's legacy to do video to boost rep n street cred" – Anonymous.

Yes! The video is the truth, it's original, those are true Nigerians(average/low), no dispute. But it of self interest and not the nation. This is still the same thing we are fighting against in Nigeria; doing the right things for the wrong reasons, vice-versa.
Naeto C, son of the former minister of aviation, anhiphop artist in Nigeria put the hood in his "Ten Over Ten" video with better lyrics directed by Bobby Boulders — did an unpublicised concert for the hood. But Nigerians all called it wack and spat on it.
Rick Ross (not a citizen) captured the hood/slum and Nigerian government for "pussy, ho, pussy ho" and we all embrace it.
D'banj wasn't allowed more than 10seconds of "oh, oh, oh, eh, eh eh" jungle sound on the G.O.O.D Music "Cruel Summer" album all because too much Nigeria product won't sell the project. We all dissed D'banj, rushed into his twitter to abuse & haze him to come back home.
Now you think, selling our poverty side with terrible lyrics on Youtube world wide stream and screen won't do worse? You're playing yourself! Even black Americans are racial to Africans.
All said and done, I have to get to back to my little unit where I contribute to the development of Nigeria. It's left to you to play your part. Stop taking one step forward and two steps back.
God Bless Nigeria."
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