Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tosin Adeda - My Views on the “Hold Me Back” Nigerian Version Video

Tosin Adeda is one of Nigeria's finest bloggers, writer and music critic.
His view is a far cry from the two previous views we've read.
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"Why did he shoot in the slums? that i don't know, but i have my own opinion on why he did shoot the videos in the slum, and it goes thus: for a song that portrays struggle, hustle, poverty and how hard work can take anybody out of it, the best place for someone like Rick Ross to shoot the video is the slums. he was once like the people in the slums, he remembers the struggle, he remembers the hustle, and he remembers the people who he was once like.
The song is a Ghetto song, it's a song about the streets, it's about the common man, it's only logical to shoot such a video in the ghetto, on the streets. I salute the director of the videos also, there is a difference between making a Slum Scene and actually using a real slum, and in this case a real slum was used, which i think it's something that Nigerian video directors need to learn, that's what originality and creativity is about.
For those who have a problem with the quality of the video, i challenge them to show me a better Nigerian ghetto video (Directed by a Nigerian) that's as original, precise, straight to the point as the "Hold Me Back" Nigeria video. To think that the video was short within a short time and came out good is a plus.
How many of our own Nigerian artistes have done songs/video to show the plight of Nigerians who live in poverty? majority of them portray Nigeria in their videos like all is fine and we all live the good life. Some don't even shoot their videos in Nigeria, they go to other African countries to shoot videos, is that what you like? people who don't believe in a country that made them rich and famous.
Some make it worse by using White models in their videos, the height of inferiority complex. Its a shame that anybody will feel offended by a foreigner who came over to Nigeria to shoot a video in the slums that we Nigerians have forgotten about.
By the way did y'all see the tribute to Rashidi Yekini? I loved that, R.I.P to the Legend of Nigerian Football.
Now finally to those who just don't like the video because they feel it portrays Nigeria in bad way to the outside world, first of all let me make a point clear to you all, The average, shallow minded, myopic, stupid and dumb non – Nigerians (especially the whites) see Nigeria and Africa as a whole as a jungle of black monkeys who hang on trees and stuff, and there is Nothing anybody can do to change it, because majority will die in their ignorance.
That aside, i have some questions for those who feel insulted by the video being shot in the slums.Are the visuals of the video that of Nigeria or not? Is Nigeria a developed country? What does the average Nigerian worth? How much does the average Nigerian spend in a day? Is Nigeria a paradise for majority of Nigerians? Those people in the slums, are they lesser Nigerians than you are? Are you really offended because you feel bad for them or because of your own ego? Do you care about those particular set of people? Why do you have a problem with the whole world seeing how majority of Nigerians live? . . Answer those questions in your minds, they are rhetorical.
A country blessed with so much natural resources, and yet so much poverty and suffering by the majority of it's people, a country that cannot boast of steady power supply, good health care, good roads, good water supply, good education and several other basic infrastructure that every Nigerian deserves, why will you as a Nigerian want to help the looting and corrupt leaders of Nigeria hide the fact that majority of we Nigerians live in abject poverty and penury in the midst of plenty?
And it's funny and ridiculous that you think you can hide the fact that majority of Nigerians live in poverty because of corrupt leaders, i mean these leaders steal public funds and store in the hands of these same people we are trying to hide from. The world is not blind, they can see, they know how we live in, they know that majority live in poverty, you can't hide that fact.
The fact that you are privileged and have access to more money and luxury does not change the fact that majority of Nigerians are poor and live below a dollar everyday.
I find it very inhumane to feel offended that Nigerians like you and i are in avideo, but because they live in the slums, you arebothered about how the outside world will feel about us in general. The outside world will only talk, they don't care about you and i, they won't solve our problems, it is You and I that will solve our own problems and get ourselves out of the abject poverty that we have been subjected to as Nigerians by our thieving and corrupt politicians.
Do you know the joy and happiness those people in the slums felt? Do you know what is means to be rejected by the govt of your own country, andleft to live in permanent misery and poverty? Only to be remembered by a foreigner, who wentahead to shoot a video so that the we all can see their plight. Y'all should be ashamed of yourselves, for feeling offended over the joy of Nigerians who got remembered for once in a verylong while.
The Govt have forgotten these people, left to die in the slums, now you are also going to betray and deny them, because you have more money? Shame on YOU!!!
What have you done to help out? have you touched the lives of Nigerians who live in poverty? what have you contributed? Nothing, absolutely Nothing!
Nigeria go better . . ."
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