Tuesday, March 12, 2013

15 Music Business Tips

1. An Artiste's Manager should be well versed in the many aspects of Artiste Development and Product Development

2. Part of a Manager's job is to help unite Artistes with reputable promoters who are best positioned in a particular market to help branding.

3. Management responsibilities include securing a good Agent for the artiste. In some states in the US it is illegal for a manager to be an agent.

4. Having a manager for an artiste is not a guarantee of success in and of itself. The quality of the art is most important.

5. At the point where industry and public interest begin to rise for an artiste, a manager becomes a crucial partner to an artiste.

6. Artiste management is responsible for helping the artiste complete all aspects of artiste development. Said that earlier? Hmmmmm

7. Artistes who pay their managers get more from their managers. 10-20% is norm.

8. Managers should encourage collaboration with the various acts they assist. Artistes should collaborate with songwriting & gigs & recording.

9. Artiste Managers are compensated on a commission basis. Colonel Tom's commission on Elvis Presley was 50%.

10. An "established" Artiste will establish a manager and an agent as a part of their team.

11. An Artiste's best ally in the entertainment industry is a manager who gives serious attention to the Big Picture.

12. For sustainability in the entertainment industry, artists should regularly review their Artiste Development checklist.

13. Artist Development goes hand-in-hand with Product Development. Successful artistes know they cannot have one without the other.

14. Artiste Development is supposed to happen before the first gig or the first recording.

15. The first part of Artiste Development is the content.
What songs are you writing or preparing?

--Author- IK TRIPZ

Onyenania Ikechukwu known in the industry as IK Tripz is an A&R for Rock World Entertainment and Diamond Soul visions.
He's also a Publicist, artiste Manager, blogger and Entertainment Consultant.
Contact him on: iyketripz@yahoo.com


  1. Nice write up i like

  2. Ik just gave us a good knowledge we dont get for free. How can i be a manager in Naija?

  3. i dont know this dude , who has he managed? I only know Osagie, efe, Asa n Godwin

    1. He managed ur father,ode!
      U really dnt av to knw him,cos no one knws u too,pple like u appreciate pple only when dey're dead..mschew

  4. If you want to know him...kindly google Diamond Soul Visions...besides, there are thousands of Artiste Managers out there you might not also know...peace.